Boutique Hotel & Lounge bar
 Bellano (LC)
"Horas Serenas Bellano Ferat"
Hotel Meridiana

Framed by the pre-alpine mountains of Lombardy, not far from the Swiss border in the cantons of Ticino and Grisons, in Bellano, a charming village dating back to medieval times located where the Pioverna River plunges from the high mountain valley of the Valsassina into the wide waters of the lake about halfway up the eastern shore, the Hotel Meridiana welcomes its guests today completely renewed, both in its management and in its form.

The Hotel Meridiana occupies part of a villa directly overlooking the lake and has its own independent entrance surrounded by the greenery of weeping willows and cypress trees. A secluded beach surrounded by large rocks, sunny terraces, narrow pathways hidden among sweet-smelling evergreen bushes and charming glimpses of a scenery suspended above the water give it a discreet, romantic and welcoming aura. From this point on the shore of the lake, the eye can wander freely in all directions, over the villages on the other side, Menaggio, Santa Maria Rezzonico, Pianello, Cremia, Dongo, Gravedona, or to those on the same shore, Dervio to the North, Varenna and the Bellagio peninsula to the South.

The varied landscape which alternates rough and wild mountain slopes with more gentle lakeside planes makes this central part of Lake Como one of the most breathtakingly beautiful areas in all of Italy.

Owned by the Arrigoni Family, the Hotel Meridiana has had the advantage of being, since the Sixties, under the highly qualified management of a family who cares, thanks, above all, to Pina and Giuseppe, the couple who began the business and, later, to their daughter, Piera, who with her husband Federico and his staff, has gradually increased the numbers of both the Italian and foreign clientele. The Hotel Meridiana of Bellano, completely renovated and remodelled, can today, more than ever, meet the needs and requests of its guests and provide the answers to help them organise and enjoy the time they spend here.

The small villages along the Lake have held great interest for artists, intellectuals, nobles and wealthy businessmen of the past who built their luxurious residences along its shores shielded by high fences and hedges. And yet, beside the villas of the VIPs, like George Clooney, Angelina Jolie, Versace and many others who choose Lake Como today, the Hotel Meridiana fascinates and seduces its guests with discretion, with the elegant simplicity of its rooms, with the simple goodness of the genuine products served for breakfast, with the cordial way in which Piera and Donata welcome all new arrivals as friends.

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